Build a culture of data quality management with the iDATAMETRIC.
Data information Quality System (DiQS) solutions are made up of separate components, each of which takes on a different part of the job.
Data information Quality System (DiQS) is a system for monitoring and assessing the quality of corporate data.

Thanks to the well-thought-out architecture of the DiQS software, it allows an integrated approach to solving problems of data quality management. The system allows you to analyze data and monitor their status in real time. This functionality provides a clear understanding of the current state of critical data used in your business processes. This allows you to make timely and informed decisions aimed at changing the situation, if required.

DiQS has an intuitive web interface that greatly simplifies the process of mastering and working with the application. To manage the quality of your data, you don't need to have any special programming skills, just be a confident PC user. After configuring the software product, all you need is a web browser and organized access to the system, which your system administrator or data management engineer can provide.

The ease of use has made our product very popular with our customers. Each user, engineer, manager can easily manage and improve the quality of design data, without specialized IT knowledge. Users can generate analytical reports and present metrics for assessing data quality in a timely manner. As a result, our clients take their meaningful data to a new competitive level.

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